Monday, April 25, 2011

Testing! testing!

Woot Woot!

Now we have released our 1st project guys.. Its a maxi dress!! Custom maxi dress.. That is made special for you. According to your body size. NOT others. =)
 Actually this dress was inspired by Dorothy Perkins , Topshop & H&M dress.. but ours are more inexpensive and still have a good quality.The material is like a lycra and it will just look nice on to the body. Here are some of the picture of the design and now we come with this beautiful colors. Black, grey, coral and turqouise.. The price is just RM65 including postage. But for Sabah and Sarawak will have to add RM10.


If anything just comment down below or you can go to my blogshop at Khayla Mode.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

1st contest!!!! Wuhuuu!!!


Hye guys.... wassap wassap... today I' m doing my 1st ever contest entry. wuhuuu!!! its from  mesti kenal punye kann... very beautiful lady.. cantik. klu x cantik, xdela jd model...hehe..anyway hanie, nice to know ur blog.. dah lame jgk follow ur blog... suke tgk hanie punye style. nice. =)

Ha pasal hadiah die plakk... its a dress! sweet sgt. cantikla. suke.. drpd bangkok plak tu... suke color die.. klu pki camtu je mmg sexy.. ngn cik hanie sesuaila..klu ngn aku, dpn Enciksuami je bolela..haha... tp bole punyeee.. put some nice pants, a jacket and scarf. Voila! mesti cun punyee... hehe... So die punye syarat senang je. Take a picture of urself with her blog URL in it. That is la. Pe lagi? hehe... then post it to ur blog mcm aku tgh buat ni n last link it to hanie.. As simple as that!  so why not i try kann... manela tau hanie terbukak hati nak bg kat aku keee...haha..(hopefully)

So inilah some of my picture... xdela creative mane pun... sbb org yg amik.klu aku yg amik for sure creative habes...haha. For hanie, good luck! Do choose me.hehe =)

 Oh yea, the closed date is on 15th April. So hurry up!!

Till next time,

Tuesday, April 12, 2011



Tuesday, March 29, 2011



Hye guys..... today I'll write in English. hehe... blogging is also a medium for us to improve our English.So everyone should try it..IF u want ur English to be better... and also it is international..wuhuu!  (ape-ape sajalah maya).

So according to the title... ADDICTED! what am i addicted to? Ouhh I'm so into this thing bad.. Addicted everyday. Feels like something is missing if I didn't get it..But I hope I will get over it soon... maybe this thing happens because I "m not working currently.. So I have a lot lot lotss of time to do this...hehe
.. So what the hell is it???

JENG JENG JENG!!!!!!  its YOUTUBE  laaa..... hahaha....

So what do I watch everyday? ok first thing that would brought me to this stage is Michelle Phan. Do u know her? She just like the #1 Guru in the youtube. she did makeup tutorials, skincare, fashion, haircare,hairstyle..yeah things like that.. girl thing.. its either u love it or hate it.. n i just love it..

click here for MICHELLE PHAN

So just one for now.. I'll keep the rest for another post. =)
Till then, 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Innalillahiwa innailaihi raaji'oon....


Hye guys.... Peringatan utk semua....

Our Prophet(SAW) told us that there would be 3 major EARTHQUAKES before ThE Judgement Day. One in the West, one the East and one in the Arabia(Middle). There has been one in Japan(East), one in Haiti(West). Its so very scary. What have we done to deserve a place in Jannah? We watch TV, swear, talk back and give attitude to elders, we watch things that we are not supposed to watch, some don't even wear a scarf. We listen to music and spend time learning the lyrics, but why not learn the Quran? Its probably because we don't have enough Iman(faith) in us. We need to get rid of bad habits and got onto good ones. .
Allah says;
"If you deny Me in front of your friends, then I will deny you on the day of judgement.."



Tuesday, March 22, 2011

MILKADEAL??? Great deal!!


Hye guys...... how do u do? dulu cikgu sekolah rendah aku ajar klu org tanye how do u do? kite jwb blk how do u do? btol ke? ntah. haha..xkisahla pepe pun...

Ha dah smyg maghrib? dah ngaji? klu dah, bagosssssss.... Ibu jari naik utk anda! hehe..

Back to the topic. Milkadeal. pnah dgr? tau x? mesti pnah dgr kan.... klu nak tgk pe ade kat ctu klik CNI .ct ctu sana cni...haha. Mende ni cam update kat kite la klu mane2 tempat or kedai or spa or restoran yg ade wat diskaun.... pastu nanti kite beli, bayar online, print resit, then g je kat tempat tu..n enjoy! klu kat restoran, ha place order guna resit tu n mkn n blah. haha.. xyah bayar2 dah...bes kan?

Bess wooo...mcm2 deal ade kat ctu...ade yg lebih drpd 50% tau...selalunye mmg lebih  pun.. 60-70% camtu..sgt2 berbaloi... ade deal for food, spa,macaroon, bakery... macam2lah... rugilaa klu xbli... 

Ha actually ade lg 1 web yg wat deal camni.. pun bes.. Dealmates nama die... klik SINI .... Pastu ade wat lucky draw lak tu.. aritu ade yg mng ipad..Peh! pastu ade Macbook Air. Peh!... Yg baru2 ni HTC plak..Peh!!! lagii....haha...

Ha pe lg? marilah kite perabiskan duit beramai2..haha... jgnlaa..xelok tu..agak2la ye...menabung untuk hari tua...hehe... beringat di waktu senang... ;)

till next time,

Monday, March 21, 2011

Baby Irfan ;)


Hey guys... maya dtg lg! haha... dis time nak simpan gambar baby irfan dlm post ni... wuuhuuuu!!! happy with babyy..!!! (can't wait to have mine.hehe)

Enjoy the pic!!

hehe trying new style of hijab... ok ke ko? haha

haahhh ngantok!

erghhhhh mengeliat jap

hehehe ikut auntie maya yee

wahhh empuk kan auntie yana..hehe

yana kate die nak compare jari sape lg besar

alalalalala tomeiiiiii

hello there

hahahaha happy auntie2 ni dtg ye

and last and the least. tali handbeg aku putus..huhuhu...